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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: An evidence-based, collaborative approach @ Online
Jun 10 @ 3:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: An evidence-based, collaborative approach @ Online



The HKCPD Hub for University English Teachers provides a community for professional development among Hong Kong University English Teachers (for more details go to: https://hkcpdhub.hku.hk/about-us/).

As part of its work, the HKCPD Hub is now looking at ways of developing best practice in university English Language Centres, with a focus on Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). The aim in this workshop is to identify an appropriate methodology for investigating best practice in English language teaching and learning, using the construct SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning). 

The workshop will begin with a brief review of the work Steve presented in previous HKCPD Hub workshops focusing on dialogic reflection (DR), classroom interactional competence (CIC) and Self Evaluation of Teacher Talk (SETT). We’ll then consider some of the challenges and issues facing English Language teachers working in Hong Kong higher education context, before turning to a review of current thinking around SoTL.

SoTL is concerned to identify and share best practice by focusing on tools and procedures which can help teachers gain closer understandings of their teaching and generate stronger conceptions of quality education. In the workshop, we’ll be trying out and evaluating a number of such tools and procedures with the aim of researching current challenges and identifying best practice. The aim is to begin a professional dialogue around the theme of SoTL, which can be further developed in future activities.

This workshop will be offered using Zoom; the aim is to make it enjoyable, engaging and interactive. The workshop will consist of a range of activities: plenary sessions led by Steve, task-focused breakout room activities as well as time to talk informally with colleagues about the workshop. We plan to end the event with some networking time in more informal online setting.


Welcome and introductions  

Session 1: Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) overview   

Session 2: Review of dialogic reflection (DR), classroom interactional competence (CIC) and Self Evaluation of Teacher Talk (SETT)


Session 3: Current issues and challenges 

Session 4: SoTL: Researching best practice 

Session 5: Networking and social activity: Collaboration and sharing of best practice


About the speaker:

Steve Walsh is Professor of Applied Linguistics and Communication in the School of Education, Communication and Language Sciences, Newcastle University, UK, where he was, until recently, Head of Department. He has been involved in English Language Teaching and English ​language teacher education for more than 30 years in a range of overseas contexts, including Spain, Hungary, Poland, China, Ireland, England and Hong Kong.

Steve’s research interests include classroom discourse, teacher development, second language teacher education, healthcare communication and professional discourse. He has published 10 books and more than 100 research papers. Recent publications (both with Steve Mann) include Reflective Practice for English Language Teaching: Research-based Principles and Practices (Routledge, 2017) and The Routledge Handbook of English Language Teacher Education (Routledge, June 2019).

In January 2019, Steve took up a position as visiting professor at the University of Hong Kong, where he will be based until the end of August 2020. He is currently working on new research with colleagues in the Faculty of Education, which will involve a number of studies looking at the construct ‘Classroom Interactional Competence’ (CIC, Walsh 2013, 2017​) in Hong Kong classrooms.

When he has free time, Steve enjoys hiking and cycling.



Digital Storytelling: History, Practices, Values and Principles @ Online
Jun 18 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am
Digital Storytelling: History, Practices, Values and Principles @ Online

Online Session via Zoom.


A link with password will be emailed to successful registrants.


StoryCenter began working in computer-based story work in their San Francisco-based training center in 1993, where they developed their methods and practices in a community-based after school and classroom education settings. By 1998, StoryCenter was based the UC Berkeley School of Education, where Lambert and his staff grew an international training organization working in countless disciplines and fields including education, public health, healthcare, as well as work with the arts, libraries and museums. The work has taken Lambert and his team of staff and global contractors to some 70 countries, all 50 states and over 300 Universities and Colleges. Lambert will review the background of their work, enumerate the principles and provide case studies of projects related to the work university and higher education contexts.

About the speaker:

Joe Lambert founded the Center for Digital Storytelling (now StoryCenter) in 1994. He and his colleagues developed a computer training and arts program known as the Digital Storytelling Workshop. Joe and his staff have traveled the world to spread the practice of digital storytelling, to all 50 U.S. states and some 48 countries. Lambert is the author of Digital Storytelling: Story Work for Urgent Times (6th Edition, Digital Diner Press, 2020), and Seven Stages: Story and the Human Experience (Digital Diner Press, 2013). In 2020, he celebrated his 37th year as an Executive Director of StoryCenter and its predecessor arts organization, having evolved his work in the 1980s in the performing arts to work in digital storytelling and media education in the 1990s.

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