The HKCPD Hub Virtual International Conference 2021 for English teaching professionals worldwide is now open for registration. The conference addresses the theme of Innovative teaching and research in English Language Education.

Organised by five leading universities in Hong Kong and funded by Hong Kong University Grants Committee (UGC), first of this kind, this international conference is an excellent opportunity for English teaching professionals to meet, network, discuss, learn from each other and explore opportunities for greater collaboration to encourage and sustain interactive communities of practice.

Here are ten compelling reasons why you should register today and join us at the Conference from 8-10 January 2021 with pre-conference workshops from 6-7 January 2021. Registration is free and on a first come, first served basis. So register early!​​


1. Be wowed by the keynote speakers
This year we have five excellent keynote speakers:

  • Professor David Boud – From assessment as looking back to assessment as looking forward
  • Professor Averil Coxhead – Assumptions and research into vocabulary in EAP
  • Professor Alister Cumming – L2 writing and L2 learning: Transfer, self-regulation, and identities
  • Professor Robert Godwin-Jones – Language learning today: Where is technology leading us and what does it mean for language teachers
  • Professor Lourdes Ortega – Exploring teaching-research interfaces: A down-to-earth SLA perspective

2. Pick up new skills in the Pre-conference workshops
All our keynote speakers are delivering workshops on 6 and 7 January 2021.  Workshop topics are:

  • Professor David Boud – Redesigning feedback practices to make a difference – Register here
  • Professor Averil Coxhead – Vocabulary in English for Specific Purposes: Three key ideas – Register here
  • Professor Robert Godwin-Jones – Technology and the English language classroom – Register here
  • Professor Alister Cumming – Responding to students’ writing: Promoting assessment for learning – Register here
  • Professor Lourdes Ortega – A multilingual ethos for error correction in Additional Language pedagogy – Register here

Find out more on the keynote speakers page.

3. Learn from your peers
Come to the HKCPD Hub International Conference and have an abundance of choice in the parallel sessions with 100 live paper presentations and colloquia spread over 2 ½ days, including featured colloquia and HKCPD Hub Community presentations. There are also 50 pre-recorded sessions with live discussion sessions during the conference. Parallel sessions are divided into 5 strands. Find out about teaching using technology in the classroom, teaching techniques, materials development, assessment design or English for General and Specific Academic Purposes! See schedule-at-a-glance.

4Build networks
Network with like-minded teaching professionals from around the world! Listen, discuss, and learn from each other and find potential partners for projects or smaller scale action research! We have also prepared a number of virtual social events for you to meet and network with old and new friends.  There is also the HKCPD Hub get-together for all conference attendees.

5. Take advice from Clare Furneaux, Penny Ur and Steve Walsh!
Clare Furneaux, Penny Ur and Steve Walsh have all worked with the HKCPD Hub in the last two years. Listen to them as to why you should come to the 2021 Virtual Conference!

“Hong Kong is such an exciting place in terms of the development of English language teaching … I would encourage all my colleagues to come if they can” – Clare Furneaux

“I’m really jealous, and I’m trying to think of how I can get to this conference myself” – Penny Ur

“This is a fantastic opportunity to take part in a conference which brings together the best in practice from around the world”  – Steve Walsh

6. Do something different!
Tired of the day-to-day teaching and marking? It’s time to do something different and get a boost to your creativity. Be inspired!

7. Get ready for new challenges
The keynote and featured sessions, paper presentations and colloquia as well as online resources will help you spice up your teaching! Come jaded on Day 1 and leave rejuvenated on Day 3!

8. Enjoy a rewarding online experience
Teachers in Hong Kong have led the move to online teaching and we are sure that our experience over the last year will ensure that this is an online conference unlike one you have experienced before!

9. Attend from anywhere!
It’s online, so don’t be constrained by your physical location! If you are lucky enough to be able to get away for a few days during the winter break, then you can still check into our conference from your hotel resort! If you are back already, but in quarantine, what better way to while away the time than attending our conference!

10. It’s free
The 2021 conference is totally free for presenters and participants! We just need you register in advance and participate actively before, during and after the conference! (If you won’t be able to participate in the conference after your registration, we would appreciate you informing us before the conference, so that the place can be freed up for another person.)

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