English for General and
Specific Academic Purposes

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English for General and Specific Academic Purposes is one of the five HKCPD Hub Communities.  It aims to connect colleagues involved in teaching and research in English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and support their continuing professional development for enhancing the quality of EAP learning and teaching in institutions of higher education. It provides a platform for colleagues to raise, discuss and address EAP issues. It also creates opportunities for colleagues to learn, interact, collaborate, and share with each other and initiate projects to advance effective teaching and innovative research in EAP.


  • To provide a forum for exchange of views and research related to EAP learning and teaching
  • To disseminate news, information and research vital to EAP in higher education
  • To promote good practices and research in EAP through workshops and seminars and newsletters/blogs
  • To encourage the sharing of expertise and resources among EAP teachers
  • To promote research pertinent to EAP in higher education, and its application to EAP curricula and practices
  • To encourage innovation in EAP teaching and research
  • To support, advise, and mentor colleagues with regard to conference proposals, publications, and professional concerns
  • To provide opportunities for publications and presentations to share good practices and innovative research in EAP
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