Coordinating Committee


Stephen Bolton has been at CityU since January 2001, and has also taught in Seoul, Prague, London, Bath and Buenos Aires. His main areas of interest in English teaching are methodology, materials/syllabus development, pedagogical grammar, learner strategies and teacher training. He has led several series of teacher training workshops for his ELC colleagues and Hong Kong secondary school teachers. He was a finalist for the CityU Teaching Excellence Award in 2010.

Christy Chan is Senior Tutor and Manager of English Language Support Services (ELSS) at the English Language Centre of City University of Hong Kong. She is co-ordinating self-funded and tailored English support services for academic departments and university initiatives. Her other role is overseeing the development, promotion and delivery of all ELC workshops and activities. She holds a Masters of Letters in Applied Linguistics from Australian National University and Masters of Arts in English from University of Sydney. She has been given a number of presentations on final year project writing, disciplinary variations in science writing and entrepreneurship education in local and international conferences. She has been active in promoting English across the curriculum (EAC) and supporting entrepreneurship education in CityU with the support of UGC T&L grants and CityU T&L grants. Christy is a reviewer for two regional journals and a subject specialist for HKCAAVQ.


Esther Leung has around 7 years experience related to language education in universities. She received her CELTA training at the University of Texas at Austin in 2015, and has started teaching at CityU since then. She is constantly trying out new ideas to engage with students in the classroom, and would like to explore further into effective and interactive language teaching pedagogy.

Tiffany Pang has been teaching in CityU for three years. She is specialized in teaching film studies, business communication and academic writing. Her research interests are gender studies, identity construction and cross-cultural pragmatics.

Jenny Wu has over twenty years of experience in the English Language Teaching profession. She has taught English for Academic Purposes and a variety of English for Specific Purposes courses. In recent years she has also taught University General Education courses such as “Exploring English Cinema” and “Asian Literature in English”.

Her professional interests include: learner strategies, independent learning and Comparative Literature.

From 2013 to 2016 she was a member of the English Language Support Suite team which was tasked with developing and promoting outside-class learning opportunities. She ran workshops for the Writing Development Centre to help students become better writers, and has been providing advising service in the Self Access Centre to support students who want to become autonomous learners.

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