Green Conference

Conferences typically generate very large amounts of waste and have a considerable carbon footprint. The HKCPD Hub is therefore committed to making our International Conference 2020 as environmentally-friendly an event as we possibly can!

Some of the ways we are greening the Conference are by:

  • Going Paperless

Conference programmes will be available on the conference website and on screens. You can scan QR codes and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

  • Making the Conference Bag Optional

Of course the conference bag is yours if you want it, but if you’ve got enough canvas bags and ballpoint pens it won’t be pressed on you.

  • Having a Green Swag Corner

Need a pen, pencil or some paper? Then go to our green Swag Corner and help yourself. But if you don’t need, don’t take and don’t waste!

  • Greening the Catering

We’ve minimised the use of disposable plastics and increased vegetarian options as these require less resources to produce than meat.

  • Planning a Green Social Programme

Join us for one of our environmental social activities – hiking and beach visits by public transport! 

There are many ways that you can help us make our conference even greener:

BYOB – there will be water available at the conference and pre-conference venues

Use Hong Kong’s fantastic public transport system to get around the city

Give us feedback on what we might do to make our next conference even greener – please join our HKDPC Hub Community use the discussion forums


Banner image photo by Robert Lukeman on Unsplash

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