Guidelines for Attendees

Treat it like a “real” conference

Online events can easily turn into a long series of webinars. We want our Virtual Conference to feel as much like an in-person event as possible. We plan to do this by:

  • building in lots of opportunities for presenters and attendees to interact informally during the conference such as:
    • Using the interactive functions of Zoom.
    • Asking live chat questions with presenters during their sessions.
    • Having real-time conversations with attendees and presenters for pre-recorded sessions.
    • Posting on discussion forums to continue the conversations about different topics.


The HKCPD Hub International Conference 2021 will be delivered using Sched virtual conference platform with Zoom used for video conferencing.

Before the Presentation

  • If the presentation has embedded audio or video files with .avi, .wmv, .wma, .mov, .mpeg, .mp3 file extensions, please make sure they are compatible with Windows Media Player.
  • Presenters are advised to bring their presentation file in a portable format (USB/Flash Drive/CD) and come to the assigned presentation rooms to pre-load their PowerPoint presentation at least 15-30 minutes before the presentation starts.


By attending the conference, you are giving your permission for the HKCPD Hub to record and share your image or voice in photographs, videos and audios. 

Do not audio or video record, take screenshots or broadcast any sessions of the conference.

Entering presentation/meeting rooms

Please plan to enter a presentation/meeting room 5 minutes early.

After logging into Zoom, please rename yourself to include your full name and institution. For example: Joe Chan, The University of Hong Kong

Stay focused

During a face-to-face conference you would not be typing away on your keyboard while someone else is presenting, and we think the same should be true in our virtual conference. Choose the sessions that you want to attend, and then come and give them your full attention. Listen thoughtfully and ask questions at the end of each session.

Mute your mic

Unless you live alone, your home is probably pretty noisy. Muting your microphone when you’re not speaking gives other participants the ability to speak up and share their thoughts without being distracted.

Dress appropriately

Please take a few minutes to wear a clean shirt and brush your hair. The best part of getting ready to attend a virtual conference is that you’ll put yourself in the right mind-set to take in all the new ideas.

Be aware of your surroundings

Your fellow conference attendees won’t take you seriously when there is a pile of dirty laundry in the corner behind you. You also want to avoid looking like you live in a dungeon because of bad lighting.

Adjust your computer setup so that you face a window or are exposed to plenty of light. And make sure your background is professional and appropriate for our conference! This means:

  • No beds (unmade or made) in the background
  • No messy rooms or open wardrobes where everyone can see your clutter
  • No NSFW artwork

Speak up

We will have networking and discussion sessions during the conference. When you enter one of these sessions, feel free to announce yourself when you join.

Don’t be afraid to project your voice, too! Others will appreciate being able to hear you without having to strain their ears or turn their volume all the way up.

Video Submission and Live Presentation Guidelines

Paper presentation/workshop/demonstration/colloquium sessions will take place at Meng Wah Complex at The University of Hong Kong from 10-12 June 2020. The general principles are:

Paper presentation 20-minute presentation + 5-minute Q & A
Workshop 50 minutes (including Q & A)
Colloquium 50 minutes (including Q & A)
Demonstration 15 minutes (including Q & A)

All presenters should have received their presentation details via our email notification. Please visit the Conference website for the conference programme from 30 April 2020.

Presenters must register and pay by 31 March 2020. It will be assumed that presenters not registered and paid by this date have withdrawn from the programme and their presentations will not appear in the conference programme.

Guidelines for Paper Presentation/Workshop/Demonstration/Colloquium

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