Important Information for Preparing Your Slides
PowerPoint Please use PowerPoint for your presentation and set up your 20 slides to advance every 20 seconds. See the link below for information about how to set up your slides.
Use Images Images are preferred as the method of supporting and illustrating your talk. As far as possible, please use images to support and illustrate your talk.
Limit Text Limit or avoid text on the slides.
Avoid Bulleted Lists Bulleted lists do not work well for this presentation format.
No Animations or Video The slides advance automatically after 20 seconds and you have a very short time to make your point. You will need to use Transitions to set up auto advance for your slides. No other transitions should be used.
Title Slide Be sure to include one title slide with your name and the title of your presentation. This slide will display briefly as you make your way to the podium to begin your talk. You will have a total of 20 slides, including your title slide.

All Pecha Kucha slides will be reviewed to ensure adherence to these guidelines.

How to Set Up Pecha Kucha Presentations

To learn more about how to set up a Pecha Kucha slide show check out the video tutorial, Creating a Pecha Kucha Presentation Using PowerPoint.

This short video will guide you through setting up your presentation, including how to use the auto advance feature in PowerPoint.

How the Pecha Kucha Session Works

A moderator will open the session and give a brief overview of how Pecha Kucha sessions work.  When it is your turn to present the moderator will briefly introduce you as you move to the podium.  Your slides will be ready to go and begin to advance automatically every 20 seconds as you talk.  You will have 6 minutes and 40 seconds to speak.  At the end of your last slide you will take your seat as the next presenter moves to the podium.  There will be a brief introduction and the next presenter’s slides will begin automatically. After the last speaker for the session we will have a few minutes for questions for all of the speakers.


As you can see, timing is very important.  Because the slides automatically advance after 20 seconds you will need to practise your timing for the presentation.


This is a format that works best with one presenter.  It is possible to have a two presenters taking it in turns to present each slide, but we recommend that there is only one presenter for the whole 6 minutes and 40 seconds.

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