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HKCPD Hub Admin Staff asked 11 months ago

Ask questions, find answers and connect with our conference support team. We’re open 24 hours! If you need help on how to navigate around the HKCDP Hub virtual conference platform or just need some information about the conference, please post your questions here. We’ll get back to you, pronto!

4 Answers
Nancy FANG answered 10 months ago

Excuse me, it seems that I cannot upload my photo to Sched. May I get some help?

Lillian Wong Staff replied 10 months ago

Please try again with another photo.

LP answered 10 months ago

I had the same issue. Looks like PNG files would not work. So as files that are over 2MB.

Lillian Isperdon replied 9 months ago

Hello, how can I find the recorded sessions? Are they available? Because of the time difference I cannot be there in the live conference

diane answered 9 months ago

I’d like to log in to my Zoom for my presentation in Sched. What order and steps do I need to follow please? I understand that the yellow “Open Zoom” button would appear in my Sched later, but I am not sure at what point that I can key in my login information to open my own Zoom account. It’s not shown in the conference video. Many thanks. 

diane replied 9 months ago

Looks like I put my question in the answer box. Where can I find the question box please?

Lillian Wong Staff replied 9 months ago

Please log in your Zoom account before you click on the yellow button “Open Zoom” for your presentation, that will give you the full functions of the Zoom Client for your presentation. You could also just click on “Open Zoom” without logging in your Zoom account to present, that will open the web version of Zoom.

Kathryn Davies answered 9 months ago

How can I watch recordings of today’s sessions? Or will they only be available later on?

Lillian Wong Staff replied 9 months ago

We will make arrangements. The recordings will be available after the conference.

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