Social Events

Breakfast Bite

8 January 2021 (Friday) 08:30 – 09:00 HKT
Hosted by Desiree Mao (EdUHK) and Esther Leung (CityUHK)
9 January 2021 (Saturday) 08:30 – 09:00 HKT
Hosted by Kira Rimrott (HKPolyU) and Jenny Cheng (EdUHK)
10 January 2021 (Sunday) 08:30 – 09:00 HKT
Hosted by Kira Rimrott (HKPolyU) and Jenny Cheng (EdUHK)

Why not enjoy a morning coffee and chat with other participants to get you in the mood for the day? Meet up with new or old colleagues and give your tips for awesome presentations coming up. Breakfast Bite is the perfect opportunity to share the reasons you’ll be checking into your chosen presentations at the HKCPD Hub conference today.


8 January 2021 (Friday) 17:10 – 17:30 HKT
Hosted by Glen Joe, Centre for Sports and Exercise (CSE, HKU) and Lowana Phillips (HKU)

We can all relate to Zoom-itis. The neck and back suffer greatly from sitting for hours in front of the computer in online lessons or meetings or virtual conferences!
Join us at Wellbeing to stretch out and release after a long day in front of the computer. You know you need it.

Chill Out

9 January 2021 (Saturday) 17:35 – 17:55 HKT
Hosted by Ashley Hazell (HKU) and Jenny Cheng (EdUHK)

Ahhhh. Time to relax and wind down before dinner with the folks or a relaxing night in. Bring a beverage of your choice, tea, coffee, or something stronger. Bring some topics of conversion. Bring yourselves! Fun, free chat, and good company guaranteed. Do join us at Chill Out.

ELT QuizTime

8 January 2021 (Friday) 13:10 – 14:00 HKT
Hosted by Stephen Bolton (CityUHK), Dr. Alan Urmston (HKPolyU) and Shirley Chan (EdUHK)

For some reason, English teachers tend to LOVE quizzes. This general knowledge quiz about anything ELT/EAP will show how much you know about our profession. Sign up to take part in ELT QuizTime and compete with the best at ELT QuizTime.

There will be book prizes for the winners!

Your very knowledgeable quizmasters will be:
Stephen Bolton, City University of Hong Kong
Dr. Alan Urmston, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Shirley Chan, The Education University of Hong Kong

3 fun-filled rounds:
Starter Round: Anything goes – ELT 1990s-2000s
Round 2: The World of ELT Assessment
Round 3: Academic English and its accessories

Deadline for signing up: Friday, 8 January 2021, 10:45am HKT (end of tea break on Day 1)

All conference participants are welcome to be part of the audience.

From our students’ perspectives: Chance to Chat

9 January 2021 (Saturday) 13:15 – 14:00 HKT
Hosted by students of various Hong Kong universities

Learning from our students: learn about what they think about COVID, online classes, learning English, learning in Hong Kong and more. We rarely get downtime with our students online. They sign in and sign out. Do we really know how they are feeling right now? Take the opportunity to ask some honest questions and get some honest answers in this session with our Hong Kong students. Join us at Learning from our students’ perspectives: Chance to Chat.

HUB Got Talent

9 January 2021, Saturday (13:00 – 14:00 HKT)

Even though our students may think we are just English teachers, you know what – they are very wrong. Many of us have hidden talents. Fire eaters, knife jugglers, jazz singers, cellists, hip hop dancers, and the list goes on and on and on. What talent have you got to show off? Sign up to reveal the real you. If you are shy, come and watch the extroverts among us. Expect an event to remember for years to come. HUB Got Talent. You saw these guys here FIRST!

Networking Lounge

(Visit Anytime on the Platform – open all day throughout the conference)

Come and hang out in the Lounge while you are waiting for the next presentation or taking some time out. The Networking Lounge is the place to connect and interact with other virtual attendees from around the globe any time during the conference.

You can also drop in at the following times to hear insights into a diverse number of projects from colleagues at The Centre for Applied English Studies, The University of Hong Kong and discuss with other participants.

8 January 2021 (Friday) 10:35-10:55 HKT
Students as Teachers on the NGL Project in Asia
Carly Ng will be sharing

Carly Ng will be sharing information on her coordination of the Nurturing Global Leaders (NGL) Programme, which offers students an overseas experiential learning experience in the summer teaching English language and communication skills to marginalized youths in South East Asia. By embedding themselves within local contexts, often in remote areas, students gain a new appreciation for English as a global language while also using English as a tool through which they gain deeper cultural insights. At the same time, by passing their own knowledge of English to others, participants gain greater insights of how to use functional English to interact across cultures in real-world contexts.

Carly, a lecturer at CAES and originally from Hong Kong, currently teaches a range of English enhancement courses for undergraduate students and coordinates the Nurturing Global Leaders (NGL) Programme.

8 January 2021 (Friday) 12:25-12:45 HKT
Leading and Managing a Language Centre in Hong Kong
Dr. Miranda Legg will be sharing

Dr. Miranda Legg will be sharing her experience leading and managing the Centre for Applied English Studies at HKU for three years (i.e. September 2017 to August 2020) as Interim Director. Come along and ask any questions you would like about running an English language Centre with over 50 teachers. CAES offers a wide range of courses to undergraduates and postgraduates (see

Miranda has taught English to second language speakers in Australia, Slovakia, England and Hong Kong. She has worked for 20 years at CAES and currently teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is also the Chair of the CAES’ Teaching and Learning Committee. Her professional interests are leadership, management, materials development, and discourse analysis.

9 January 2021 (Saturday) 10:15-10:35 HKT
Working with English Teaching Assistants in a Self Access Centre
Ashley Hazell will be sharing

Ashley Hazell will be sharing her experience coordinating and supervising the English Teaching Assistant (ETA) initiative at CAES, HKU from 2015-2017. The ETA initiative is one that a few of the HK universities have experienced, with most of the language centres employing their ‘version’ of the out of class language adviser. Not only is it a valuable resource for language centres, their full time teaching staff and students but a rewarding part of professional development for the ETA who came from the USA, UK, HK, China, Canada, and Colombia to join the CAES teaching team.

Ashley, originally from the UK, has worked at several universities in Hong Kong and has been at CAES, HKU for 10 years teaching mainly English in the Disciplines courses for Medics, Nursing and Business students and Workplace English for HKU administrative staff.

9 January 2021 (Saturday) 14:35-14:55 HKT
Integrating Visual Art into Academic English Teaching and Research

Lowana Phillips will be sharing

Lowana Phillips, [BA (Hons) Fine Art (Dundee, Scotland); MA Applied Linguistics (HKU)] will be sharing her experiences of integrating Visual Art into her teaching and research in academic English. As a PhD candidate at the University of Queensland (UQ) (Brisbane, Australia) Lowana has nearly a decade’s experience using visual art with undergraduate and postgraduate students at HKU as part of her thesis, ‘Talking about Art: Creating Phenomenological Narratives’. 

Lowana has been a professional TEFLA teacher since 1993, working in the UK, Sicily, Italy, The Czech Republic, and Hong Kong since 1998. She has worked at HKU since 2003, focussing on teaching undergraduates studying Fine Art, and also on postgraduate students. She has created two unique courses: Academic English Proficiency-Engaging with Visual Art; Intensive English for Postgraduate Students.

10 January 2021 (Sunday) 12:05-12:25 HKT
Anxiety-relieving techniques to engage students through dialogue and tasks that promote collaboration

Albert Wong will be sharing

Many EAP practitioners recognise the importance of addressing the academic needs of students in their English for Specific Academic Purposes (ESAP) classes but become anxious when faced with challenges arising from developing specialist knowledge required to respond to those needs (Campion, 2016). In this Networking Lounge session, Albert will share practical techniques for engaging students through dialogue and tasks that promote collaboration between the ESAP teacher and the learners, focusing on his experiences in ESAP classroom teaching and research. Come and have chat about anxiety-relieving techniques that involve students in interactive pedagogical processes conducive to productive partnership

Since becoming an EAP practitioner in 2012, Albert has been involved in teaching and developing English-in-the-discipline (ED) courses for the Faculties of Architecture, Business and Economics and Dentistry, the University of Hong Kong. He currently coordinates the Dentistry English-in-the-discipline course and the General Language Advising programme at CAES, HKU.

Social Corner

(Visit Anytime on the Platform – open all day throughout the conference)

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