You need to register for the HKCPD Hub in order to join any Communities So a new user who registers via any Community sites will be directed to the HKCPD Hub for registration first. Please follow the steps in Becoming a member of HKCPD Hub below to create your account. After you have become a member of the HKCPD Hub, you can directly join any Communities you are interested in. See details in the second section Joining a Community below.


Becoming a member of the HKCPD Hub

In order to participate in Discussions and access Resources, you need to be a member of the HKCPD Hub.

  1. Click Join:
  2. A register form will be shown. Fill in the username, email and password, then click the Register button. (A password should be at least 8 characters with numbers, upper and lower case letters.)
  3. Email verification of your new HKCPD Hub member account is necessary. Check your email account, click the verification link in the email received to activate your account.
  4. Your membership for the HKCPD Hub is created now. By default, this membership will not inherit into any Community sites. You need to join each of the Communities that you are interested in as shown in the steps below.



Joining a Community

  1. Go to My Communities:
  2. Select the Community you are interested in joining. E.g. Assessment for Learning. You should now be directed to the Assessment for Learning Community site
  3. Select the tab Join Us

  4. A button “JOIN THIS COMMUNITY” is shown in the middle of the page. Click the button to join this Community.
  5. The process for joining the Community is completed.  You can participate in Discussions and access the Resources of your Community.
  6. You can edit your profile, read and search member directory and logout by clicking on the Settings tab.


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